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XP Mod Launcher

XP Mod Launcher

XP Mod Launcher is a very simple launcher for Android which changes the look of your Android into a basic Windows XP Interface.

It means you can explore your all files within the Windows XP interface. You can also cut, copy, and paste in the explorer without any problem.

You can go back to the normal Android interface by quitting this application. To do so, click on the Start menu, then click Turn Off. You’ll go back into the traditional Android interface. You can also do this by just touching your device’s home button.

In XP Mod Launcher you will not expect everything works like Windows XP Operating System. If you click on Internet Explorer it asks which Browser do you want to open. Even though you can open folders full of pictures or videos, when you open the exact files you’ll automatically go into the similar app on your device, performing out of the XP Mod Launcher. The same situation will happen when you click on Internet Explorer for direct access.

But still, with XP Mod Launcher you can feel best user experience in Windows XP interface.

How To Install Windows XP Operating System on Android Device

Download XP Mod

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