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PUBG Mobile APK Android


PUBG Mobile APK – PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds for Android. It is a very popular game for Pc and Xbox. But earlier it’s not available on the Android platform and many Android gamers who don’t have Xbox or Pc. They also want to play this game on android. Now, its available for our android device. Which experience you get playing on your Android device that you never expect to get from Pc and Xbox consoles.

There are two PUBG games are available for Android. both are different one developed by LightSpeed & Quantum and the second one is by TIMI Studio. these are too different from its graphics quality but I recommended you to go with LightSpeed version it comes with the English language and latest updates and the second Timi Studio version available in the Chinese-language.


As you can see in this video it’s LightSpeed & Quantum version Graphic Quality and the Timi Studio are too different from this Graphic Quality. But choices are you’re which you want to download I have provided both of links below.

How to Sign up for Timi Studio version?

If you have downloaded Timi version and didn’t know How to sign up. Just, you need to Download WeChat from Play Store and Login/ Create an account (Sign up) in them and Just open PUBG Timi Studio version Game and Login with your WeChat App. That’s it…

How to Sign up for LightSpeed version?

Now it’s available in the English language on Play store and here also. Download LightSpeed version of the game from the link given below you will get English version. Just Download and Install the Game on your device and after Launching Game you can see there are two methods available for Sign up Facebook and Guest. For permanent saving your game data use Facebook and for Temporary uses select Guest.

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Download PUBG Mobile APK Android

  • Required 5.0 or Up
  • version – 0.9.0
  • Mode – Online

Download LightSpeedDownload Timi Studio

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