[Full TutorialšŸ’»] Install Windows 98 On Android

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Install Windows 98 Android

Yes, You can Install Windows 98 on Android. it is possible using Limbo PC Emulator and Bochs App. This process takes up to one-two hours to complete the installing. Here are the requirements for the devices.


ā—¾ 2GB RAM

ā—¾ Need 2GB Free Space

ā—¾ Quad-Core 1.3 GHz

ā—¾ at least KitKat 4.4 or Up

You Need To Download These Files:

ā—¾ Win 98.iso

ā—¾ BlankDisk.zip

ā—¾ Limbo Pc Emulator

After Downloaded these Three Files. Now, Extract the BlankDisk.zip file using Zarchiver (After Extracted It Size Become 1.6GB) then Follow These Steps:

Install Windows 98 on Android

1. Now Open Limbo Pc Emulator App and Tap on Load Machine: None to New (Give a Name of your Machine e.g. Win 98).

3. Set the Setting Same as Shown in the Video or Just Follow here.

4. Set CPU Cores: 4

5. Ram Memory (MB): 256

6. Now Select Hard Disk A: Select the Extracted “Blank Disk” file.

7. CDROM: Select the “Win 98.iso” file.

8. Choose User Interface: SDL

9. After all, Go and Press the ā–¶ (Start Button)

10. Now Select the Boot From CD – ROM option and Complete the Installation Process of Windows 98.

Q: How Do I Select the Options for Installation Process?

ā—¾ Use Arrow key which you get in Multiling OKeyboard or Hacker Keyboard from Play Store.

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That’s it for Today… If you have any queries then comment below.

have a good day.

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