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Hey Guys, back with another game for you only with GTA 4 on Android. hope you already know about Grand Theft Auto IV game. it’s also the same as GTA 4. The developer of the game is Rahul from the YouTube Channel called R-User Games.

Now, you can play GTA 4 on your android device but not as much as the real game it is. it’s still in the beta and under development, so it is common to see some bugs and glitches with the game. you will be not able to explore in the places in the game they are limited to explore and it’s uncompleted.


you can get the beta version and it freely available to download for all. you just have to go down and click on the download.

The Developer made this just to entertain you all guys show some support to the developer he’s doing hard work for you all. His YouTube Channel link given above on the page R-User Games.


  • Work for all Devices
  • Added Missions
  • Work with License key
  • Only in 400 MB
  • One-Click Download

How to Install Tutorial:

  1. Download the .zip file from the given below
  2. Extract the zip file using Zarchiver
  3. After Extracted Copy the Android folder and Paste it on your SD Card. (it will ask you to replace the file: Yes)
  4. Now, Install the APK
  5. That’s it… Enjoy the Game

License key: user2019

Cheat Codes Use on Game Phone:

  • 6255550 – SPAWN 1 NPC
  • 62555500 – SPAWN 2 NPC
  • 625555000 – SPAWN 3 NPC
  • 6255550000 – SPAWN 4 NPC
  • 62555500000 – SPAWN 5 NPC
  • 3625550100 – Full 100% Health

Download GTA 4 APK – GLS IV Android by R-User Games

  • required – 4.0 or up
  • version – 0.1
  • mode – offline

33 Responses

  1. FOX_TuDeY says:

    GLS IV супер, графа топ

  2. Cristobal says:

    Juego es muy bueno

  3. 帥哥 says:

    開不起來 黑屏

  4. Aasiyah says:

    Gsl v is fun

  5. Ferzori Diamond says:

    Wow is! The Amazing!!!!

  6. Jerome says:

    Top student in maths Jesus :user2019

  7. Catdial911 says:

    Hola se me queda la pantalla en negro

  8. Randall says:

    Same here bro

  9. Ali akbar says:

    This is correct answer

  10. Jitu says:

    What about licence key

  11. Foxy says:

    downloaded it, but everytime i changed the graphics settings.. the game gets blurry, and when the in-game character dies.. he won’t respawn.. (stuck in wasted frame)

  12. Dragon says:

    how to download

  13. Secondhand says:

    Gta 5

  14. Umar M.umar says:

    I play gta 4

  15. Sergey says:

    When the first mission began, the screen turned pink. How to straighten?

  16. Aaaa says:

    Create new version

  17. Adel says:

    It crushes all the time

  18. Zayn shah says:

    When do u releasing full game?? graphics are gud but it’s not a full game so i deleted it ..but nice work ..

  19. wisdom says:

    is not working

  20. Ron says:

    Hey, after the loading screen, the music ends and the screen turns black. Its not working…
    I hope you’ll fix it 🙂
    I want to play it so much

  21. Rafif says:

    Saya mau download gta 5

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